5 Best Free Calling App for Smartphone

Landline telephones are becoming useless, Everyone is using smartphones. The reason behind ending the era of the land phone is the lowest cost of internet and the availability of high-speed internet everywhere in the world. The old-generation cable networking companies are fading soon from the internet and telecom market. We already know some of our messaging apps are working like a free calling medium. Here we have listed some of the unpopular apps that work like a free calling medium.


Since both traditional phone calls and VoIP calls accomplish the same thing, we didn’t discriminate between the two types of apps but rather included them both. VoIP is preferred over traditional phone calls due to the widespread availability and convenience of the Internet. These are the top Android apps for making free phone calls.

The Most Popular Best Free Call Apps


Dingtone is just one of the many free phone apps available on Google Play. However, this one appears to find a happy medium. If you so want, it also provides you with a local phone number in your area code. Plus, it has international calling capabilities to more than 200 countries. As long as your friends and family also use Dingtone, you can make limitless calls via data. Because genuine phone calls can be made via a credit system, additional features are sold within the app. Credits can be added for free by participating in various advertisements and promotions. So it’s not completely free in terms of time, but at least there’s no financial obligation if you don’t want there to be.




You can easily call to anywhere in the world via the BOTIM App. More than that, This application works in the UAE. It is the one and only app that supports the Free Calling Feature in UAE. Most of the users of this app is from the Middle East. This app does not require any VPN or any other apps for Calling.

You may share documents, audio messages, movies, and more using this calling tool. With all the encryption used for calls and chats. Thus, just like WhatsApp Messenger, it ensures that all of your interactions are private and completely secure from hackers.

Google Meet

The video call app is called Google Meet. Google Duo and Google Meet were once two distinct products, however they merged in 2022. It functions similarly to FaceTime and other video calling apps. As long as your Internet connection isn’t awful, the calls are totally free and generally reliable. The programme advertises simultaneous video conversations with up to 100 users. Additionally, you can share papers and other items. Despite a few minor problems, Google is still attempting to make this a hybrid of a professional product and a consumer product.


A useful app for making free calls is GrooVeIP. it works with US phone numbers. Both voice calls and text messages can be done using this app. The “free” portion is doubtful, though. Credits can be obtained at no cost. But you’ll have to watch some ads and complete some offers first. Every month, the service will provide you with free credits. This makes it a useful app for making short-term free calls. From update to update, the app is consistently either useful or frustrating. But hey, it’s free, so we won’t grumble too much.