Waiter Jobs in Dubai

Waiter Jobs in Dubai – UAE 2022

Waiter Jobs in Dubai

Position title



  1. Serve food and introduce customers to the menu when they arrive.
  2. Communicate effectively with barista and kitchen staff to ensure customer satisfaction.
  3. Contact other departments to ensure efficiency
  4. Set the tables before and after each customer, depending on product standards
  5. Ensure that employees provide friendly, efficient, and timely assistance and promptly report any
  6. customer disputes/complaints to the line manager.
  7. Collect customer debt payments and convert them into cash


  • High School Diploma
  • 2-3 years experience in customer service in a related role
  • Fluency in English and Arabic is an advantage
  • Communication skills level 2
  • Cultural Awareness: level 1
  • Level 1: Change and adaptability
  • Customer Focus: Level 1
  • Level 1: Driving and achieving results
  • Initiative: Level 2
  • Level 2: Teamwork